Soulja Boy is on a reconciliation tour. Shortly soon after the rapper apologized to Akademiks, he spoke with Casanova about Instagram Stay and both rappers built it distinct that almost everything was awesome amongst them. 

A bit of backstory. Cameras caught Casanova and Soulja Boy shouting at each and every other in a hallway. Judging by the words and phrases that had been traveling back and forth, it would seem like Soulja talked to a girl in a way that the New York hardhead driving “Established Trippin” didn’t enjoy. 

“You screamed at a girl, you bugging the fuck out, homie,” Casanova explained to Soulja Boy. “You bought shit all about your facial area. Are you bugging out? You large? You smacked? … You you should not see how she ran out?”

Soulja’s response appeared to ensure that he explained anything sideways. 

“If they ladies, they require to talk like women,” he mentioned. “Why she talkin’ like she gangsta?”

The chat on Instagram Stay was significantly a lot less heated, with the rappers laughing and joking alongside one another.

“I’m great. I don’t want no issues with no person,” Casanova stated.

Cas added that he thinks Soulja Boy was permitting the persons all around him drive him into exhibiting out.  

“N*ggas all over me utilised to amp me up,” he said. “Never let no one gas you… Rappers is dying out listed here, homie, off of tiny shit like this. I ain’t letting no web site trick me out of my shit.”

Get a appear at the video up best and head back to his discussion on Day to day Struggle for insight into Soulja Boy’s mentality

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